Cultural Intelligence CQ For Us

July 2013


Ridley-Smith, Ph.D.,  C. (2013).    “The Relationship of Proximity, Matriculation in Cohorts, and Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities as Predictors of Belongingness.” Quantitative Study of 110 questionnaire respondents who were former graduates of Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools in Tennessee. This study  examined “belongingness” to high-school alma mater, a construct that changed with the incidence of desegregation, as students experienced either newcomer or host culture status. Relationship of this phenomena to other jurisdictions, i.e,  Compton, California, USA; Bermuda Islands. Use of social media in research.


Those who matriculated through the MNPS system now live, work, and play in diverse arenas.  Many who lived in same-race neighbourhoods while in high school have opted to live in mixed race neighbourhoods today.  It is likely that the desegregation policies that were enacted by MNPS in the 1960s and 1970s helped to create citizens who are as a result, more culturally intelligent than they would have been without the experience.  Such policies likely laid the groundwork for the success of those who would later operate in a much more diverse United States of America and universe. Study/ Quantitative Analysis.


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