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Bermuda College- Bowie State University SYM-Q™ Team Wins International Leadership Award



The Chair Leadership Academy will award Dr. Constance Ridley-Smith and her team the prestigious Idahlynne Karre Exemplary Leadership Award (Team Award).  The Award will be bestowed on Dr. Ridley-Smith and her team April 4-6, 2018 in Denver, CO USA at the 27th Annual International Leadership Conference hosted by The Academy.


The Chair Academy, by their own admission, "is dedicated to developing world-class leaders."  Dr. Ridley-Smith's research on SYM-Q™ , a derivative of CQ or Cultural Intelligence addresses the needs produced in intercultural environments, in this case,  educational institutions like Bowie State University whose students hail from Saudi Arabia, Africa (Kenya and Nigeria), and the Caribbean. These international students collaborate with and learn alongside Bowie State's native Marylanders.


Dr. Ridley-Smith designed the SYM-Q™ Model and data collection instruments, led this research, and conducted the data analysis. Using a mixed-methods research design, the Bowie State University (BSU) team collected data utilizing the SYM-Q™ instrument and followed up with interviews to strengthen perceptions and triangulate findings. This phenomenal team effort spanned global geographic locations and, conversely, fostered resonance with the Model’s goals to promote student inclusion and intercultural synergy.  Findings contributed to changes which enhanced the learning community of the BSU Master’s Degree Program in Human Resource Development: 1) Establishment of initiatives to support newcomer transition and host culture’s development of a more inclusive environment; 2) Provision of information in various formats and communication modalities; 3) Implementation of diverse program offerings including, an auxiliary campus; and facilitates the most important task of educational institutions, which is holding their students to graduation, also called student persistence.  A streamlined-version of the survey for your institution’s use is available via Survey Monkey. We look forward to providing this service to your institution as you serve your incoming students and Newcomers to your institution.


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Edmonds, Wendy M., Ph.D., Organizational Leadership Specialization in Followership, Bowie State University Lecturer and Published Author.

Theorist Constance Ridley-Smith, Ph.D., Education with a Specialization in Leadership from Northern Caribbean University; employed at Bermuda College, Academic Affairs Team who serves as the Liaison with External Institutions for Bermuda’s community college students who matriculate to 4-year institutions in the USA, Canada, The United Kingdom, and the Caribbean.

Statistician Cordell Riley, M.Sc., Tourism and Marketing, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, employed at Bermuda College as the Institutional Researcher. Mr. Riley is also pursuing doctoral studies.


Jackson, Marsha E., Ed.D, Associate Professor; Coordinator, Human Resource Development Program (HRD), Bowie State University.

Ealy, Davitta B., M.S. Organizational Leadership; Bowie State University Adjunct Professor and University of Maryland Eastern Shore Doctoral Student.

Edmonds, Wendy M., Ph.D., Organizational Leadership Specialization in Followership, Bowie State University Lecturer and Published Author.